I want to immortalise my Dad thro Kochadaiyaan, says Soundarya

Soundarya Rajinikanth has given an indepth television interview to CNN London. In the interview she opens up on her debut film as director Kochadaiyaan and speaks at length on her father superstar Rajinikanth’s role in the film.  The 3D Motion capture technology based film has a huge buzz around it and is likely to release in December.

Soundarya, has revealed more about her pet project to CNN  London, in a TV interview where she says, “I really want to immortalize my dad. I am recreating an actor who is so famous, whose mannerisms, body language and style of talking are all so deeply rooted in the audience’s minds. So I am not having characters with wings or tails or spitting fire. ( that are usually associated with 3D films).
Kochadaiyaan is a photo realistic performance capture film. I am very passionate about animation and this film is going to break the myth that animation is cartoon.”

Talking about Rajni’s character in the film being close to the way Rajni is in real life the budding young director says : “The character he plays in the film is someone I think  people can look upto. He is into philosophy and is someone who lives it and not just preaches . My father in real life practices what he preaches. He has come a long way in life from being a bus conductor, coming to an unknown land where he didn’t know the language, to where he is today. He has lived what he has to say.”

The director agrees that though the film will be released across the globe in many languages including Japanese and has largely been shot in England as well, the essence of the film will be Indian. Soundarya explains in the interview : “The film is distinctly Indian in several ways, in terms of visuals, costumes, locations and song and dance sequences for which Indian films are famous. There is going to be lots of song and dance in Kochadaiyaan.”

With the 3D version of Sivaji already creating a hype, this next step in bringing Rajni to the masses with a new technology is going to the raise the film’s interest barometer even further.

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