Rajini pays homage to Malaysia Vasudevan

Superstar Rajinikanth payed his homage to Malaysia Vasudevan, who passed away on Sunday.

A versatile artist who could sing all genres of music with great ease, he brought in refreshing variety to playback singing. The unique timbre of his voice, the feel and energy he would lend, made his songs such as the haunting ‘Poongatru Tirumbuma’, vibrant ‘Aagaya Gangai’ or ‘Oru thanga radhathil’, stylish ‘Ennama Kannu Sowkyama’ or the moving ‘Thenkizhakku cheemaiyilae’ evergreen hits.

He also had a stint as actor and donned several roles with leading actors. His passing away is a great loss to fans of Tamil cinema.

His body was cremated at Chennai on Monday evening. Superstar Rajini, Kamal Hassan and many other eminent artists payed their last homage to the late legend.


4 thoughts on “Rajini pays homage to Malaysia Vasudevan

  1. I grew up listening songs of TMS the legend, then SPB,JesuDhas and Malaysia Vasudevan. So these trimurthies are there to satisfy the musical needs of every youth during 80’s, 90’s.

    And we really miss that great person. And, I wish that his family members, Yugi and sisters to cope up with the loss soon though it is difficult.

    I would say to his kids that, your father made a great opportunity for you kids to improve yourselves. And that is the great ‘VARAM’ from ur father as kids.

    I really feel the loss and would like to tell our Malaysias’s family that we are all part of this sad situation.

    May GOD and your friends provide the help for you to cure soon..

  2. TMS,KJY,SPB,MV are inseparable for music critics in Bollywood, and I hope Yugi, Prashanthini and your sister would work on it to generate more credit to your father, who has donned the industry during the phase on which singers are the GODs.

    So be proud that your father is part of a great revolution in fim industry.

  3. Sorry that I said bollywood, please read it as Kooywood. And please assure that every young hero knows of our Vasu.

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