Chikku Bukku – Review

Chikku Bukku – Review

Chikku bukku is out and out a colourful entertainer from debutant director Manikandan (student of late Jeeva). Though the story is not new to the viewers, the presentation make us to watch the film with patience.

Arjun (Arya) is a popular DJ who likes chasing skirts and updating his Facebook profile. He lives with his grandmother, who asks him to go back to his home town in Karaikudi and reclaim his ancestral house, which has pledged to a local moneylender before the moneylender demolish the house.

Anu (Shriya) is a modern, mischievous girl completed MBA in London and going back to her family in Madurai.

At a point, Arjun and Anu meet at Bangalore airport. Their onward flight to Madurai gets cancelled. They pretend to be newly married couple so that they can travel on a cancelled reserved railway ticket to Madurai.

How they join hands in their life is leads to an interesting climax.

Meanwhile there is an interesting flashback also placed side by side during the travel of Arjun – Anu.

For the first time Arya done dual role as father and son in Chikku Bukku. His performance in both the roles simply awesome. His matured acting proves his ability to do any kind of roles. Shriya looks cute in some scenes but irritates in many scenes. For Shriya, it is time to reshape her looks.

Debutant Preetika is the real surprise and her performance is a delight to viewers. Arya – Preethika’s screen chemistry workout largely and make them as a perfect couple.

Asusual Santhanam gives rib tickling comedy in most of his scenes.

Colonial Cousins music is not appealing. But Gurudev’s camera work is excellent and helps to maintain the pleasant mood through out the film.

The big minus is the slow pace of the script and narration.

Verdict: Watchable


Cast: Arya, Shriya, Preethika, Santhaanam

Music: Colonial Cousins

Camera: Gurudev

Direction: Manikandan

Producer: Sunanda Murali Manohar

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