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Nowadays actors who always prefer super action hero roles seems to be transformed slowly to normal and natural roles. At the same time superstars like Rajinikanth trying their level best with convincing roles like Sivaji and sci – fiction Enthiran with maximum entertainment guaranty.

But there are few actors, like Vijay, are still living in the world of myths and not ashamed for giving half baked films like Kuruvi, Villu, Vettaikkaran, Sura and cheating the so called die hard fans continuously.

Sura, the 50th film of Vijay is surely a disaster in his 19 years old career. The story is as old as hills and the sequences are stale and repeated. Vadivelu is the only plus point in this two and half hour horrible experience.

Another important point is, S P Rajkumar, who always making some b grade films, wasted a golden opportunity to establish himself as a front line entertainment film maker.

The story goes like this…

Sura is a good hearted young man in a Fishery Village called Yaazh Nagar (Yaazh is the name of Srilankan city Jaffna!?). He is doing good things to the villagers. He fights for the rights of the villages. Every one loves his mischievous, humour sensed activities. Simply, he is the ‘Chella Pillai’ of the village!

He owes to marry a girl only after solving all the problems of fishermen in the village. One day Tamanna trying to destroy herself in the Village’s sea side, due to loss of her pet dog! As usual Vijay come to her rescue and instead of jumping in to the sea, in the very next scene, Tammu jumps to his heart and go for duet in some beautiful locations.

In the mean time, Dev Gil, a local minister trying to vacate the village and occupy the entire land. Knowing this Vijay starts his fight with him. At a stage, Minister plans to destroy Vijay.

How Vijay escapes from the plot and save the people and join with Tamanna is the predictable, boring climax!

Nothing special to mention in Vijay’s action, stunts and even his comical scenes irritate a lot. The only change from his earlier flicks is…his bubbly face! As usual he delivers half a dozen meaningless punch dialogues, in the climax some peppy dance numbers with Tamanna.

For Tamanna, it is one more film in her acting career… Thats all!

Vadivelu tries to save the film till the interval. But the post interval sequences (Except the one with Vennira Aadai Moorthy track) totally killing the interest of the viewers.

Manisharma gives the Tamil coating for all his 5 songs which took place earlier in some Telugu films like Billa!

S P Rajkumar totally failed to cover even some of the die hard Vijay fans with his unimpressive narration, expected twists and amateur direction.

Sura – May be a Gold (jubilee) in number, but fails to earn the same for its quality!

Cast and Crew:

Actors: Vijay, Tamanna, Vadivelu, Devgil

Music: Manisharma

Camera: Ekambaram and M S Prabhu

PRO: P T Selvakumar

Producer: Sangili Murugan

Direstor: SP Rajkumar

-Settu Shankar

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4 thoughts on “Sura – Review

  1. Dear Sethu,

    Do you know there are so many tamils are suffering in malaysia and south india without a proper house and earn a living?This movie has shown a good message to the public that a person should think about others also rather than think about himself and it’s good for our community as we should shows our unity towards our growth in life.Can you please name a movie with this same plot of story who fighting for for his life to build houses for all the poor’s a true fact i’ve seen people without a proper houses in chennai and outskirt area in tamil nadu during my visit last will be a eye opener for rich people who watch this movie to do something for poor people. so please don’t comment so badly about a perso in this way.we in malaysia really appreciate this movie so much with open mind.

  2. Dai kana,

    Sutha mudu. otha neenga potta madhiri malaysia la ukandhu india pathi feel panriya. otha india vandhu seva sei.
    periya mairu madhiri ivaru malaysia la ukandhu india pathi pesuraru. nee ena un property a poor peoples ku eludhi
    vaika poriya??? selfish idiots like u living in foreign countries have no bleady rights to talk about india. people like
    vijay are porikees who earn money through their stupid movies and trying to enter politics. and fools like u are his
    strenght. go mind ur bussiness. otha sutha aruthu sunnambu thadaviduven…. daabar kana.

  3. Sura shown a good message???? – This is a comedy piece statement. Mega flop movie (6th in a row) from Vijay and I hope he learns his lessons.

  4. Dai 6 film flop aayal what he is getting films.see velayudham and nanban!allathe raktha charithra polle alle

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