Now Yuvarani joins in Nithy’s sex scandal


Recently Swami Nithyananda was in hot news due to his sex video scandal with leading actress Ranjitha. The video was disclosed by Sun news channel and a vernacular investigative magazine.

Now it seems again, he is emerging as a hero in another sex video, supposedly against actress Yuvarani.

Yuvarani is also one of the popular actresses in Tamil films as well as serials. Sources say that the sex video of Yuvarani with Nithyananda is released in a website which has the host server in Brazil.

Remember, few days back Yuvarani admitted her close relationship with Nithyananda as a devotee. She said that she got Nithyananda’s link through another actress Raga Suda.

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6 thoughts on “Now Yuvarani joins in Nithy’s sex scandal

  1. Someone I work with visits your blog regularly and recommended it to me to read also. The writing style is great and the content is relevant. Thanks for the insight you provide the readers!

  2. oh.. i saw that video… yuvarani was riding the pony and swamiji was thunderstruck. its a nasty video.

  3. Hindu world full of scndal condone by ectress even by swamy.You must left behind this fake religion that produce s many fake holy man,choice islam.Less scandal in islamic world.Not a single great muslim holy man condone scandal.You know this.There are only militants that missinterpret relegion as power or politic.This is only fault by some muslim,not a majority of them.Their imam or holy man never slept with extress,or deceit people by relegion to earn much money.I never hear this.Shame on your relegion and swamis.For your knowledge hinduism is born from our prophet Ibraham pbuh teaching,Like Isa pbuh or Jesus born Christian.But their follower mischief and distorted the true teaching from both of them.So god sent the last Prophets Muhammad pbuh.Stop looking for that bad swamis,look for religion knowledge and histories of relegions and debate on your machine.Good luck for all.Not only in India there are muslims,but in my country,Malaysia,there are many India muslim and India hindu in here live peacefully with malays and chinese here.peace to all.Good luck for all. Malaysia guy.

  4. yuvarani wins defamation suit over Tamil News paper in malaysia.She gets 70,ooo malaysian money.that means thousands rupees.She gets money from prostitute then get money from malaysian court.What a fool court.Yuravani go way from malaysia.We neddny this kind of lady.She marrried malaysian businessman.Many hindus stay here,in malaysia.But i m malay muslim.Many indian muslim here too.Shame on her husband,who not devorce her.

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