Pamela Anderson’s stunning skin show at Air New Zealand fashion Week


Pamela Anderson played peek-a-boob on the catwalk at Air New Zealand Fashion Week, provocatively swinging a sarong around her body and allowing a glimpse of her breasts.

Aside from the sarong, she was clad only in a skimpy G-string and wearing stiletto heels.

The former Baywatch star did not model in the show as expected, but left her appearance until the end, striding on to the runway with the designer of her new “vegetarian eco” clothing line, Richie Rich, who rolled out on skates. He is also a former ice skater.

Rich lay down on the catwalk and rolled around in front of cameras, and Anderson jubilantly threw a bouquet of flowers she was presented with back into the audience.pam-large

It was the world launch of the pair’s clothing line, A*Muse, though there was more skin on the runway than fabric. The range consisted of colourful tie-dye bikinis, ripped T-shirts, and for the men there were budgie smugglers customised with sunglasses, mirrors and even scissors in front of the models’, er, packages.

Nicky Watson and former Super 14 player and Crowd Goes Wild reporter James Somerset also modelled in the show.

Political statements promised by Anderson included the words “I Love Possum” written on a pair of sunglasses. Anderson, a member of the PETA animal rights group, said that, with the show, she and Rich were trying to to carry a message about the environment and animal rights.

“The way I do it is talk about how many animals are killed to make a garment.”

She said she had friends with fur coats who had thrown them out after she had spoken to them.





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